Why Wait For the Next Life?

Teresa Roberts
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Create the World We Want NOW

Heaven is NOW (my photo)

There’s a cultural expectation in America that in the next life, everything will be perfect.

No more hunger, poverty, pain, and suffering. Equality will be cherished. Everyone will have everything that they need. No one will be selfish or mean and we’ll experience inspiration and joy far above what the trivial pursuits of this life afford us. Most people seem content with the waiting period. It’s as though setting similar goals for the here and now is a hopeless endeavor so why try at all? Yet, there are many people who long for a better world. They worry about the children they insisted on bringing into the current situation but figure this is as good as it gets.

Since I was a little kid, I have pondered this human dilemma.

Why must we wait? If heaven is what we truly desire, then why wait? Why not build a world for our children that includes some of the mythological promises of the afterlife?

It would require redefining our expectations.

The ability to do that would depend upon our level of self-awareness. How can we know what we need to change if we don’t understand what makes us do what we do even while hoping for different outcomes?

Recently I stumbled across something I had written several years ago. It reminded me of what I long for deep within my heart, not in the next life but right now. This is what I want for my granddaughter who will be here long after I am gone.

Dare I dream?

I’m not left or right.

I’m Far Out, way in the future, looking beyond to the next of the next generations.

In my head, I’m living without ANY borders, free to roam wherever I choose. And so are you.

The question is no longer whether the next war is the answer because there are no more wars. We’ve learned to solve problems productively.

I’m not a woman, Caucasian, or an American. I’m a human being and so are you.

None of the economic systems we have today are relevant any longer. Money has become obsolete along with hunger and poverty.

Creative thinkers are the new rock stars.

Change is relished. Everyone has enough and the standards of success have shifted from bigger is better to quality and inventing things that last an entire lifetime.

Planned obsolescence has gone by the wayside and trash is no longer the legacy we leave our children.

I have more free time to pursue an intellectual and creative life.

Children are brought into this world with great love and respect.

Nature is where we feed our souls and music and art is the way we express ourselves.

We are what our myths, legends, and religions told us we should be, peaceful and empathetic.

Hope is abundant because as we stand on the cusp of what is we are wildly excited about what is to come.

Why wait for the next life?

I’m not left or right. I’m far out!

There is and always will be room for growth.

Life isn’t stagnant. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. We should be welcoming change that moves us farther down the road toward creating the best societies imaginable. If we resist progress then we will regress. That is inevitably the way it goes.

The current struggle is real. We’re at a tipping point once again. Will we push forward or slide backward?

Teresa is an author and professional myth buster. You can find her books on Amazon.



Teresa Roberts

Teresa is an author, world traveler, and professional myth buster. She’s also a top writer on climate change and the future.