My Opinion About Today’s Big News (April 30)

Pandemicene was a new word for me.

I heard it for the first time yesterday on Democracy Now on an interview discussing how climate change is rewiring the spread of viruses and sparking the next pandemic.

Here’s the interview.

Unlike many of my friends, relatives, and neighbors, I’m interested in the topic of climate change, the 6th mass extinction, pandemics and other related issues facing the world today. I live in the midwest where climate change deniers can be found on any street corner.

In fact, COVID deniers flourish here as well.

Oh, ok, I’ll just say it. The midwest is a haven for science deniers in general. Wishful thinking and a lack of education have produced a very specific brand of Americans. They pray for miracles while refusing the helping hand of scientists and researchers.

Information, universities, teachers, doctors, scientists, any experts in any field are deemed part of the problem.

Of course, when I listen to an interview like the one above, I instantly recall warnings that were issued decades ago. Yes, I’m that old. I now can look back, back, back garnering an historical perspective. My conclusion?

Humans have by in large procrastinated.

In the end, even those of us who were interested in current research decided why do today what we can wait to do tomorrow. But tomorrow hasn’t arrived on our doorstep yet and now, according to the interview, we are passed the point of no return.

Pandemics will become far more common from here on out due to climate change and urban sprawl.

Animals are being forced to live in close contact with the dominant species, humans. We’re also seeing lots of different species driven out of a region because of climate change. They’re pushing into new areas where the climate is friendlier and thus encountering one another’s viruses.

This is a recipe for pandemics.

Of course, the first thing humans will do is blame another group of humans for the new pandemic. Conspiracy theories will erupt and soon we’ll be choosing to fight with one another rather than combine our collective wills to combat the challenge on our doorsteps.

Leaving me to ask the question …

Will we ever stop procrastinating?

Teresa Roberts is a retired educator, author, world traveler, and professional myth buster. You can find her books on Amazon.



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