I Hate Bullies! Excuse the Rant.

I hate bullies!

This is a rant. I’m sorry but not sorry. If you hate to read rants then skip this article.

You’ve been warned.

Proceed at your own risk.

All my life I’ve been looking for an escape route from the bullies. I was raised in a religious cult where everyone was bullied into submission.

As a mere kid, I hated bullies when I encountered them on the playground in school. I hate bullies who terrorize little kids and women. I despise the proverbial mean girls who travel in packs and pick on loners. I hate the neighborhood bully who refuses to pick up his dog’s poop and dares you with a defiant stare to question him.

I hate bullies who are police officers and take out their aggression on minorities.

I hate bullies who stand behind the pulpit preaching hellfire and brimstone, pass the plate, and then molest little alter boys.

I hate bullies who are drunks.

I hate bullies who are bosses and make their employee’s lives miserable. I hate bullies that are politicians who love to pass laws that they turn around and break. I hate bullies that are rich and treat everyone they come across like the hired help. I hate bullies who refuse to allow immigrants a place to live anywhere in the world.

I hate bullies who are powerful leaders of countries and risk the lives of their own citizens while threatening the lives of people like me, people just trying to get by.

That a single bully has the power to hold the entire world hostage blows my mind. It only takes one bully to ruin everything. Everything! And just think! There’s more bullies than we can count. Get rid of one and here comes a hundred more like a wave of angry bees.

This is my bully list and it’s the short version. I’m sorry, but as near as I can tell the world is full of bullies. It’s disheartening.

I had hoped that by the time I was old that society might have evolved. Hell, no. Nothing has changed. I’m still not allowed to lay my head on my pillow at night and sleep the sleep of the blessed. I’m still not safe. No one is safe.

The gap between our technological advancements and our social development is growing wider by the day.

We are cavemen with cell phones. Still killing and destroying. Still burning our accomplishments to the ground. Still angry and selfish. Still hungry and deprived.

Little children, the very ones that anti abortionists try to save from a premature death in the womb are regularly killed, starved, beaten, and terrorized.

It’s not any better to pop out of the womb today than it was centuries ago when the chances of living as long as five years old were slim. Life’s a death trap. Adults are bullies even to their own children.

I’m pissed. I hate bullies of every size and description. There are way to many bullies in the world for me to feel comfortable. They seem to outnumber the bullied.

And, don’t tell me that most humans are good. Don’t bring your Pollyanna positivity onto my page today. I hate bullies. I’m so tired of bullies. Bullies make me regret having given birth long ago before I realized that bullies ruin everything. We can’t have nice things because of bullies.

Maybe I need to find a place where I can live out my life without bullies. Some place far, far away from people. Because people seem determined to ruin everything. Two steps forward, one step back, leaving a trail of debris behind us wherever we go.

Maybe I’m tired of humanity.

Teresa Roberts is a retired educator, author, world traveler, and professional myth buster. You canfind her books on Amazon.



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Teresa Roberts

Teresa Roberts


Teresa is an author, world traveler, and professional myth buster. She’s also a top writer on climate change and the future.