Hallelujah! Chocolate Lives

Easter coffee

Who do you think I have a better chance of seeing with my own two eyes?

Jesus or the Easter Bunny?

And don’t tell me the Easter Bunny isn’t real.

I have chocolate to prove it.

Just a quick non traditional Easter greeting from a humanist who loves holidays because they SOMETIMES give the working class a day off from work with pay.

As far as Jesus goes in the words of Bertrand Russell…

“Historically, it is quite doubtful whether Christ ever existed at all, and if He did we do not know anything about Him.”

I’ll add this …

If He rose from the dead, He certainly left this planet in a hurry, never to be seen or heard from again.

Can’t say as I blame Him.

Still, I hope you have a great weekend eating chocolate.

And, please, don’t let this short post upset you. I’m a humanist not a she-devil. Humanists believe that no god has ever fed a hungry child. Only humans can do that. We want to leave a better world for our children.

The only way that will happen is if humans work together to change things.

Teresa Roberts is a retired educator, author, world traveler, and professional myth buster. You can find her book on Amazon.



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Teresa Roberts

Teresa Roberts


Teresa is an author, world traveler, and professional myth buster. She’s also a top writer on climate change and the future.